Why interactive video should become a part of your learning strategy

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Innovation is disrupting how we work, communicate, consume, and play. The disruption is experiential, as we are no longer a passive audience that sits back to consume content pushed to us. This has created a population of interactive users—touching, swiping, and tapping our way into discovering the information we need to do a better job or live a better life.

Interactive video from Insitu Digital partnering with Rapt Media, offers a compelling alternative to traditional video to engage and educate— one that speaks to your employees’ behaviours.

As consumers, we’ve been able to choose when and how to learn for years. It’s simple. As the learning landscape has evolved, employees and consumers are plugged into technology via multiple devices more than ever before. So, when it comes to learning and information gathering, employees expect the same level of digital accessibility from their employers as they do the  brands they frequent in their personal lives.

The corporate LMS is (nearly) dead, and learners want “their learning experience to be set free”. Technology is now enabling companies to catch up and meet the needs of modern learners, creating the next generation of learning through modern and customisable interactive learning experiences.

Insitu Digital partnering with Rapt Media, offers a compelling alternative to traditional video to engage and educate—one that speaks to your employees’ behaviors.

Why interactive video works

Interactive video works because it allows instant feedback on the consequence of a choice. By adding choices and interactivity to your video, you invite your employees and consumers to lean forward and participate. This deeper engagement, enhances the learning, and accelerates behaviour change.

In addition to enhanced engagement, interactive video content is also more likely to sink in. Learners retain data more readily (and remember it for longer) when they’re paying more attention to the content because it’s engaging and relevant.

With interactive video, elearning practitioners can build one experience that speaks to multiple segments or target personas with different levels of information. This leads to learning retention and the ability to build in measurable calls to actions—all of which accelerates behavior change.

Interactive video also allows a learner to move smoothly and seamlessly from one video scenario to another. With no interruptions or breaks in the narrative you can achieve a much higher degree of emotional engagement and immersion for the viewer.

Additionally, with every click of a button, you gain useful insights about your viewers. Each interaction and response provides meaningful data and insights. We’ll look at how interactive video experiences can drive significant business value in a future article.

ompared to non-interactive video that suffers high viewing drop-off rates in the first few minutes, interactive video sees completion rates of 90 percent and above. And since viewers often like to explore all the branches in an interactive video, we see multiple views per unique visitor as well as repeat views for the same video.

Upgrading Your learning strategy

Moving from linear video to an interactive learning experience is a big step. During the process you will go on your own learning curve as you develop expertise in workflows, metrics and learner outcomes.

By choosing to work with Insitu Digital, you can be confident that we’ll support you every step of the way.

Making The Leap

At Insitu Digital, we’ve been making video productions for over 15 years and interactive elearning modules for a decade, so you can be assured that we will be a reliable partner on your journey into interactive video.

Our four step creative process is designed to make sure that no stone is left unturned. In our Discover and Define stages, we will work with you to set down solid foundations and work out your end goals. From there, we move into Production, where scripts are written, concepts tested and our experienced crews will shoot your video.

With video production complete, we’ll deliver your project online. Rapt Media provides the underlying technology that enables the build, publish, and play of your interactive experience. Insitu Digital will collaborate with your team for a successful launch and guide you through measurement, iteration, and post-launch evaluation.

Interactive video has an important role to play, enabling companies to catch up and meet the needs of modern learners. Moving beyond basic training and education to successfully motivate behaviour requires an open and strategic mindset.

So what business problems are you trying to solve? What actions do you want to drive? Get in touch with us now and let’s start the conversation.