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Engaging video that affects your learners

High-quality videos are a strong way to communicate brand messages and promotions with significantly higher engagement and information retention than printed text.

By adding choices and interactivity to your video, you invite your employees and to lean forward and participate. This deeper engagement, enhances the learning, and accelerates behaviour change.

We can help you use video to inform, educate and inspire your employees and other stakeholders.

Interactive video also allows a learner to move smoothly and seamlessly from one video scenario to another. With no interruptions or breaks in the narrative you can achieve a much higher degree of emotional engagement and immersion for the viewer.

We work closely with you to create innovative content and imagery to meet your goals and change the way people think, feel and act.

Our video production teams have been telling stories for over 25 years, consistently using the latest tools of filmmaking in innovative and creative ways. As you would expect, we have all the technical skills required in house and we have now partnered with Rapt Media to create inspiring learner experiences.

By combining Rapt’s video platform with our strong background in video production and expertise in science-based learning, we can offer deeper learning programmes that resonate with learners.

View our examples to see why interactive video is such an effective learning tool.


“We were delighted with the end result which encapsulates the spirit of our hard working team.
We’ve shown the film in lots of sales meetings and it has really helped to generate a good feeling in the room, directly helping our sales presentations.”

Tim Ford, Domaine Gayda

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