New position: Learning Designer (full-time, 6 month contract)

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Who we are

We are a learning design agency working with some of the world’s most innovative healthcare, science and technology companies to deliver digital learning that drives performance for a global audience.

Working in close collaboration with our clients, Insitu’s mission is to produce outstanding digital learning that is available to the workforce, where and when they need it.

Insitu. Smarter Learning

Hi there,

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Insitu is growing and we want to find the right person to join our Learning team and help us create engaging digital learning experiences across the healthcare, science and technology sectors.

We want you to use your creativity, imagination and scientific knowledge to transform complex concepts into innovative digital learning.

If you have the skills to research, investigate, write, listen, script, storyboard, wireframe, prototype, design, develop and craft great learning experiences then we want to hear from you.

Read on to learn about Insitu, the opportunity available, and how to apply.


What you will be doing

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As a Learning Designer, you will be designing bespoke digital learning resources and activities for use in educational programmes. Our clients include some of the world’s most innovative organisations in science and healthcare. You will help Insitu to create digital learning that is stimulating, inspiring, and memorable.

You will be discovering and interpreting clients’ needs, learning objectives, project requirements and responding through learning design. You will be refining content to a signed-off storyboard stage and supporting its transformation by the Development team.

In regular contact with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) you will be verifying the accuracy and relevancy of Insitu’s output and working closely with a core team of producers, developers, designers, illustrators as well as freelance motion graphic artists, video editors, musicians, voiceover talent (and others!) all contributing their skills to make high quality learning.

Main responsibilities

These are the core tasks that you will be responsible to complete on a daily basis.



Reading and investigating complex scientific and technical concepts; distilling and analysing source materials as the foundation for learning design. Keeping track of the materials/references used throughout projects.

Writing, Storyboarding & Wireframing

Drafting text-based learning scripts for internal discussion, SME verification and client review. Combining written learning materials with ideas for interactions and learner flow through visual collaboration tools. Identifying imagery and media, placeholders, designing branching narratives, specifying artwork, media and technical requirements, and presenting polished storyboards and wireframes as part of our internal production discussions and to our clients for feedback and approval.


Documentation and production support.

Handing over and providing ongoing support to the Production and Development teams in the creation of what might be a single digital learning module, video, animation or a whole suite of learning materials from your Learning design output.

Cataloguing and maintaining project reference indexes, source material libraries, SME/client conversations, copy approval documentation. Advising on the impact that adjustments to learning content made during production will have on learning design.

Contributions to the team

These are the frequent tasks that you will be responsible to contribute towards on a regular basis as part of the Insitu team.

Network of people

Client and SME consultation and communication

Representing the Learning team on client and SME calls, minuting meeting decisions and learning design choices and agreed actions. You will present work and advise on the design of suitable, effective and engaging learning materials.

Client requests, feedback and compliance

Parsing, responding to, and applying necessary changes of direction to your work in relation to client feedback, copy approval and content compliance requirements.

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Quality Assurance (QA)

Everything we do passes through at least two internal QA checks before a client version is issued. We check each other’s work for validity, accuracy, clarity, style and purpose.
You will regularly review and advise colleagues on their work, and in turn will receive and respond to feedback, guidance and corrections on your output.


Working with the Development and Artwork teams to extend initial storyboards and/or wireframes into functional prototypes, considering their execution in relation to learning as well as learner input, user experience and client feedback.

What we ask of you

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What you get in return

The support of a friendly team and a workload that allows you to do your best work at an achievable, sustainable pace.

Feedback and transparency in the assessment of your outcomes and performance, so we can collaboratively build improvements and find opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge through work.

An initial six month contract and fair compensation reflective of UK market rate.

How you will be working

The globe
Insitu’s work is conducted remotely through digital collaboration tools and online meetings, which allows our team to stay in regular contact and communicate with each other throughout the day, week and projects overall. Insitu is based in the UK with an office in London but a primarily remote team distributed across the UK and Europe.

Your primary points of contact and the management of your tasks will be with the Head of Learning and the Production team.

You will be responsible for independently managing your work schedule, fulfilling deadlines and planning effectively. You will need to be available for online meetings between 10:00 – 18:00 UK time, for internal project planning and development and project updates with our global clients.

Whilst we do have deadlines to meet, and your time needs to be logged to keep track of project progress, your contribution to the team and overall performance will be primarily measured by achievement of agreed outcomes; assessment of the quality of your work, and by your collaborative contributions to the team.

Selection criteria


  • Knowledge of learning design and online pedagogy.
  • Experience in designing digital learning content and/or educational experiences.
  • Digital design capability, with experience of designing and developing learning for online dissemination.
  • Ability to explain complex concepts to a variety of audiences.
  • Professional experience in the learning, academic, scientific or technical fields.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of science and technology.
  • Fluent English, with exceptional writing skills, attention to detail, scientific terminology and referencing citation formats and standards.
  • Clear and concise verbal communication skills.
  • Organisational diligence, keeping to assigned time allocations, deadlines and knowing when to ask for help or support.


  • Business development and sales experience.
  • Published works and/or an established social media presence.
  • Workshop facilitation and co-design skills.

Application process

If you are interested please send us an introductory email to [email protected] expressing:

Please get in touch by 21:00 (UK time) on Saturday 31st July at the latest.