Interactive Video Learning

Insitu Digital have years of experience in story-telling, digital learning solutions and video production. These skills come together in the production of interactive video for learning. Interaction, branching, hot spots and games can all enhance and deepen the learning experience.

Have a look at the examples of interactive videos below to see the different ways it can be used for multiple purposes and get in touch to discuss your own requirements with the team.

Example 1: Will you fit into Deloitte

Educate potential candidates of Deloitte’s Graduate Recruitment campaign about the company’s culture and various service lines in a light hearted, innovative, and interactive way, transforming what are usually dry and boring recruitment videos.

Example 2: You’ve Been Hacked

Next time you get a cup of joe, you might get a side order of evil twin or a sniffer. They’re scammers lurking around public Wi-Fi networks in places like coffee shops. Turn your head for a minute, and you might get hacked!

Example 3: Creating an Elevator Pitch

You’ve just bumped into John—an old colleague—while you’re waiting for a flight at the airport. His company is expanding, and they may have career opportunities. What’s even better, his boss is traveling with him. What do you say?

Example 4: The Undo Button

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) teamed up with over 150 partners to mediate the skills gap in NYC’s Financial Services industry. CAEL’s partners include employer, education and training, workforce, and community-based organisations.

The company was looking to transform the industries’ recruitment efforts for its financial services partners. The goal? Find an innovative way to attract and engage top students and talent to the financial services industry while enticing them to take the actions to get started down that path.

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