Social Media Etiquette – Interactive Video

This example of digital learning is part of a social media awareness piece. The course features interactive videos with amusing and realistic branching scenarios with regards to social media etiquette. Aimed at millennials the course highlights the dangers of poor social media etiquette and how all employees have a role to play in maintaining a brand’s reputation.

When delivering compliance training, interactive video works well wrapped in scenarios where we can bring the learning objectives to life by creating realistic situations challenging the learner to consider which path they wish to follow. In this case there are three main characters using different social media platforms within their working environments. Hotspots allow the learner to find out more information about each character before choosing to explore their individual social media faux pas.

The learner then responds to challenging situations with decision points that allow them to experience the consequence of their decisions, and to learn by the mistakes they have made.

In addition, the interactive video is wrapped into an overarching story establishing a flow of content whilst enabling a high retention of the concepts throughout, this is because learners are more likely to remember a good story then a list of objectives.

Ultimately, an awareness piece, the objective is to make learners take a moment to consider their actions before posting anything on social media which may be damaging to them or the company, whilst directing them to the company social media policy. This approach delivers important messages in a fun and engaging format that challenges the learner, encourages them to think, and brings about real behavioural change.

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