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Our client is a world leader in Health & Wellness solutions and part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies. Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) created the Care4Today® master brand to reflect its commitment to transforming healthcare for the consumer. This brand represents outcomes-focused solutions that are designed to help deliver quality and customised healthcare when and where the patients need it.

Business Issue

The Orthopaedic Solutions sub-brand of Care4Today® has a focus on helping patients recover better and quicker from knee and hip surgery, providing assistance from before surgery begins then on through past recovery. One such support for patients who are postoperative and facing long-term recovery is in the form of recovery exercises for strengthening and demonstrations of procedures for day to day activities


Supporting patients post-surgery and beyond is of great importance. Not only does it improve recovery but it can also improve a patient’s quality of life long-term whilst reducing treatment costs overall.

To provide its exercise and training instruction goals, whilst minimising possible injury during recovery, Care4Today® requested a series of videos to clearly demonstrate techniques to accomplish basic tasks in an easy to follow and accessible format.  These videos were comprised of Strengthening Exercises and Everyday movement demonstrations.


Insitu Digital – refined the scripts, worked with physiotherapy experts, produced, filmed and edited both productions.

The exercise videos were a studio-based production to present a light, uplifting,  friendly, health looking video with graphics, fitness performers and voiceover.

We decided the exercise videos needed an open clean health aesthetic with no distractions for the viewer, that way they can focus on getting the exercise exactly right at home – without supervision. Working with two physiotherapists we filmed the exercises using a two camera setup.  Using the script, each performer took turns to perform 19 separate exercises. In post production we added a timer clock with a counter following each repetition made during each exercises, so the viewer could perform the exercises alongside the video. The videos are appropriately upbeat and provided a positive exercise regimen.

The ‘Everyday Movement’ demonstration videos were location-based productions featuring two mature actors performing tasks in commonplace settings. We chose this to provide recognisable and genuinely relatable scenarios for the viewers.  The challenges such as ‘getting into and out of bed’ were performed by both the male and female actors across 11 videos, so the viewers  knew that exercises are not gender specific and anyone can accomplish them. One of the primary focuses of this series was the correct use of crutches and walking frames to accomplish daily tasks as incorrect use can cause accidents or injury.

In contrast to the exercise videos, capturing the demonstration sequences required multiple set-ups to clearly show where someone is standing, if they move a hand behind them to hold onto a chair arm, then move a leg before sitting down. How and when things happen was the primary focus and had to be captured clearly then edited together in the correct order seamlessly. The setting of each scenario had to be dressed correctly so the performances looked completely real in a normal setting. We added a friendly voiceover to assist the learning.

For easy and immediate access, both series was produced to be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer screen and will be soon be available online.


Attention to detail was absolutely crucial to the filming and post-production of these films, any incorrect execution of the exercises would do more harm than good. Insitu’s approach to producing content provided a workable real-world solution to Care4Today®.

With Insitu, Care4Today® know they have a content creation boutique that can efficiently and expertly create the appropriate solution for their needs and budget and all the films have been re-produced in European langugage versions.

We delivered informative and easy to follow demonstration videos with concise instructions for patients. Care4Today® trusted Insitu to help deliver their vision for their patients care and the resulting series achieves their mission goal.

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