Medical Devices – Case Study

Global clinical case study

Global Clinical case study

Our client is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of disposable contact lenses.

Business Issue

The company has over the past two years been adapting its positioning in the marketplace, revising its philosophy to ensure all of its products and are underpinned with scientific knowledge.  As part of this company-wide realignment our client identified knowledge gaps with the global Field Sales Operatives (FSO). With varying levels of insight around the eye and its diseases the opportunity to discuss the full product range could impact on new revenue generation across the global business. There was a clear need to develop a training programme which would enable the FSO to be comfortable consulting at a detailed level with optometrists, understanding the eye anatomy, eye diseases and potential products available whilst considering varying optometrist and patient perspectives.


Raw course materials were scientific and complex and we needed to ensure that they were presented in a format that would connect to a non-scientific, sales focussed audience, without impacting on the key learning outcomes.


As part of a global blended certification programme, Insitu Digital have worked collaboratively with central Learning and Development as well as completing our own research to develop fourteen elearning modules covering all aspects of the eye anatomy, eye diseases and care, with a clear understanding of patient and optometrist perspectives. The certified programme is currently being deployed to all new hires and is marked against the employee performance reviews, embedding into the learning culture of the company.

As the subject matter is technical, we have included many interactions around the learning, and utilised illustrations and games to simplify complex data, bringing it to life in a way that resonates with the learner. The series of modules has also been adapted for regional use, translated into nine languages with a variety of case studies being used to help learners in different cultures.


As the series has only recently been launched, no data is yet available regarding inmproved sales performance and customer feedback. However, the approach to interactive elearning design has had great feedback and has played an integral role in transforming our client’s approach to delivering elearning. Since starting the project in late 2015  the client’s strategy has also evolved and the training is now mapped to be delivered to all employees, supporting a company objective that all employees have a solid understanding of the products, and the science which underpins them.

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