Education and Training Video for Global Healthcare Internal Communications

Insitu Digital has worked closely with one of the world’s leading eye healthcare companies to support them with their internal clinical education communications programme.


In 2017, the company expanded its business as part of a new strategy to transform the world’s eye health by offering a broad range of eye health solutions.

With the expanded company having some 10,000 employees globally from many different backgrounds, senior managers decided that video would be a cost-effective way to engage with colleagues and educate them about the new business.

This was the first time that the company had created a video to market the company internally to its employees and raise awareness of the expanded capability of the business and the role that each employee was playing in bringing the new mission and vision to life.


To create a personal, emotional connection for employees with the company and its brands, and to mark the new business direction, Insitu proposed a mini-documentary concept, with short stories focusing around people and products at different stages of life. A key requirement of the client was that the video should also be a part of the education and training programme, in addition to sharing the new vision and mission of the company.

Our team:

  • Worked closely with senior managers to test and refine the messaging and presentation of the expanded product portfolio, as this was the first time that the products from different business units were being showcased together.
  • Created a mini-documentary, that blended contemporary lifestyle video with animation and graphics to show how the science and innovation within the products could lead to improved vision for patients.
  • Added a composed soundtrack and female voiceover, which worked with the onscreen picture to further support an emotional connection with the new mission.
  • Delivered the project in multiple formats and languages for all regions where the company operates.

The video received extremely positive praise for being comprehensive but concise and beautiful to watch. Many within the company also stated that it made them feel proud to be a part of the organization.

“Insitu have created an awesome video that makes us all proud to be a part of the company we work for. They succeeded in bringing the new mission and vision of the company to life in a very engaging way, and elegantly blended the scientific and technical content into the lifestyle stories showing how our products can help people get the best out of life.”

– Senior Manager, Clinical Education

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